Does your company face the challenge of administering their HR function with no trained HR resources but wants to be compliant with your HR Policies?

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Auditing HR Practices for
Compliance & Liability
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At HR Proactive we believe that companies want to be compliant with legislation
and create and maintain workplaces that are safe, respectful and productive. We can help you update your policies and procedures to ensure compliance in Canada.
Let us leave you with the tools and templates and training kits so that you can deliver on your obligations as an employer of choice.

An HR Audit provides a useful plan for improvement and ensures the organizationís people resources are in alignment with the organizationís business plan.

An HR Audit typically consists of two main components; compliance and strategic alignment. The HR Audit process includes a thorough examination of your companyís strategic plan, operational goals, policies, practices, documents and systems. The HR Audit will include a detailed report documenting the status of many components of your business such as:
  • Organizational Plan
  • Employee Handbook
  • Communication Plan
  • Legislative Compliance
  • Recruitment and Selection Process
  • Orientation
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Relations
  • Health and Safety
  • Files and Records Maintenance
  • Employee Surveys

HR Proactiveís Approach

HR Proactive, Inc. conducts the on-site portion of the HR Audit in partnership with senior staff and HR representatives. As part of the HR Audit process HR Proactive Inc. will draft a proposal with recommendations for improvement.

Generally the HR Audit will result in the company or organization receiving: an up-to-date Employee Handbook, Compliance Training Materials, Revised Application Form, Health & Safety Manual, etc.

The HR Audit consultation and deliverables are all bundled into one affordable price.

Feel confident about moving forward, that your companyís systems are in place as you grow.

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